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A Poética de um Clown 26

Fotos de PalhaçoVoador. Vigo. Agosto. 2008

‘Finding one's own clown, in other words a unique idiotic character, is an important moment in a student's life. It's good to do this when everybody knows each other, likes each other and it helps when everybody is ready to let idiotic, silly, mad things burst out because the pleasure of being together has been great. The way in which the clown plays is very special. He uses not only his normal virtuosity as an actor, but also the frequent appearance of a playmate: the flop. In my school, we call him Mr Flop, because we treat him with a hell of a lot of respect. It is funny that playing with Mr Flop happens at the end after many, many other flops that weren't at all deliberate, that weren't playmates then.

Mr Flop says to the clown: "Salvage what you can." So the clown lets the audience see the great delight of a child who wants to stay on the stage, and who lets out a very special yell. We still love him. He has saved the show. This childish pleasure is like that of one of my sons who when I ask him to go to bed because it is late and friends are there drinking and having fun around the table, goes off muttering that none of this is fair and he is not tired. Five minutes later he's back again, hugging the walls, hiding behind the furniture, the curtains. He will pop out soon. He will let out a very special yell and show his great desire to stay. OK - ten minutes but no more.If the pleasure in staying is great, then the clown is forgiven. He's allowed to be no good over and over. If the pleasure is not great, the clown will look like someone ashamed at being no good. He won't be loved. '

Philippe Gaulier
MundoClown 2008

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Popín disse...

Perfecto Profesor!
Thanks por irse solo a "la puta calle", ja ja ja ja...
Un Beixo
Palhaço Popín (o que nâo voa)

Anónimo disse...

mais uma casablanca para o património!
Vigo 08

Palhaço Voador disse...

Popin!!!! Un fuerte abrazo!!!! Y nos vemos en la puta calle! Lugar de los buenos payasos ;o). Muchas risas y beixos.

‘Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.’

‘Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.’